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Fort Collins Iron Handrail Installation

Welcome to Fort Collins Iron Fencing, we are located in Fort. We are an Iron Fencing Installation services located in Colorado. We offer all types of fencing supplied and fitted throughout Colorado and the surrounding areas. Our team will assist you with repairing or rebuilding your fence, whether it’s around your garden, commercial property or even if it’s a boundary or security fence. For more details contact us at 970-432-8239.

You have many options to choose from when fencing your properties which are based on your choices on appearance, ease of maintenance, protection the fencing will offer, and the price. Iron fencing is one of the most historic and iconic fences still in existence today. Iron fences are designed in different styles to help you make your home the boundaries while separating it from the property of other people. You can contact Fort Collins Iron Fencing Company for any fencing needs. We offer the following services:

Iron Railing

Handrails are available in different types of materials so that they can be chosen by the look that you are trying to create and the architecture of the building. The people who want long lasting handrails usually select the metal handrails, as they are less likely to suffer from damages and breakages. Also, if you have kids in the house, the metal handrail prove out to be useful because these are less breakable and are more capable of bearing pressure.

Iron railings have been around for centuries and still have not gone out of style. They were popular when they were first crafted because of their durability; their long life is still the reason they stay in vogue.

Wrought Iron Fences.

If you use the wrought iron fence in your house, it will provide a classic look that, and for many, it is impossible to make a duplicate. The face is also long-lasting and stronger than most any other iron fences. The fence will provide the highest level of protection to your home. It does not need special care and requires repainting after 15-years. Its main disadvantage is it doesn’t provide much privacy as compared to other fences.

Repair services.

Although welding a railing made of iron can appear to correct the problem, a broken piece of iron may remain weak. If it’s for a supportive rail or staircase, this could lead to accidents. Supporting the interior of the metal can be a better alternative to simply re-welding it. While you can use metal cement, stabilizing the entire post or pole is a better solution.